Summer Spirituality for Children: Two easy ideas to include God this summer!

Memorial Day weekend is the official “start” of summer for many families. While we think of summer as a relaxing time, for many families with children it will be just as busy as the rest of the year. Shuttling kids to camps, day care, getting ready for a family vacation or visit from relatives, summer ball, swim team, music and dance lessons will take much of our time. This weekend, while you are out buying your cookout supplies, adding two items to your shopping list will help you make sure that yours child’s spirituality is strengthened this summer. First Item: A small cloth bag (or box) for your child This will be your “Creation Bag” for the summer. During each week, invite your child to

Mother’s Day is Not a Happy Day for All Children: Three ideas for celebrating with sensitivity

While for many of us Mother’s Day is a day of joy, of deep gratitude and overwhelming feelings of love, I want to remind you that 1 in 8 children will loose a parent before they are teens so there is a good chance that at least one child in every congregation and school classroom has a mother who has died. For these children, creating Mother’s Day gifts and cards can be difficult. One half of all children have experienced the divorce of their parents and many have a step mother now… so two mommies. Making one craft or card is very difficult for them. And many children do not have mothers who shower them with love and care but rather with abuse and negative comments each day. Should we throw

Blessings: The #1 Thing Children Need to Thrive Spiritually

When God called Abraham, before God taught him any theology, God simply told him that he was blessed and that he was called to be a blessing (Genesis 12:2). Abraham followed God and along the journey, he had many ups and downs, learned many lessons, made mistakes and did some things well. It is the same with children. They, like Abraham are beginning a long journey with God. They will learn many lessons along the way. They will make mistakes and do some things well. And like Abraham, they are blessed to be blessings. If God chose to begin Abraham's journey by telling him he was a blessing, I believe we should do the same for children. They should be given a blessing at bedtime, as they leave