Helping Your Child When They Are Upset

I have been trying to learn Italian for the past four years. I know some words and phrases but when I have actually have had the opportunity to speak it in Italy or, more recently, with a woman who teaches Italian at Miami University, I freeze. The words will not come and the more pressure I feel, the less I can remember. Simply put, Italian is not my first language and in times of stress, I can’t express myself. The same is true of children whose native language is not words. The first language of children is symbolic. Understanding this is the first step in helping our children communicate with us in times of stress, hurt, grief and pain. When your child is upset, overtired or is dealing w

A Simple Lenten Discipline for Parents and Grandparents

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 40 days (plus the six Sundays) set apart to be a time for prayer and reflection. It was created to be a time, each year, when we move closer to God. I would like to suggest a simple Lenten discipline for parents and grandparents this Lent: I am inviting you to intentionally pray for your children and grandchildren every single day of Lent. Parents, each evening, after your children are asleep, quietly slip into their rooms. Sit or kneel in the holy space created between you and your child and be still. Grandparents, place a picture of each of your grandchildren, near your bed. Before you go to sleep, gaze at their picture, and let the love you feel fill your sou