Zika Virus: 5 Things the Church Can Do About It

The New York Times reported that, “The World Health Organization has declared the Zika Virus an international public health emergency, prompted by growing concern that it could cause birth defects.” Quest Diagnostics announced that it has received emergency authorization from the FDA to sell the first commercially developed diagnostic test for the mosquito-borne virus. Hospitals and public health workers all across the US are scrambling to prepare for this heartbreaking virus as it makes its way to the U.S. I know this sounds like a medical emergency, but it is also an opportunity for the church to do what we do best … provide spiritual care to those who hurt! Below are five things the churc

The Young Messiah Movie: Not for Children

I was so excited to go see the movie, The Young Messiah, based on the book of the same title by Ann Rice. I was hoping that the movie would be great for children as they peered back into time and discovered that Jesus was a child, just like them! I wanted him to play, go to synagogue, work with his daddy in the carpenter shop, help his mommy bake bread, and light his holy candles at home. Instead, Jesus was portrayed as a weak child, confused about who he was, who grew up being visited by the devil on a regular basis, healed people without even knowing what he had done (sort of like Tabitha on the old T.V. show Bewitched), and whose parents were in a constant state of fear that no one find o