Understanding Holy Week: Through the Eyes of Parents (and grandparents)

I thought I knew what love was and then I gave birth. Actually my love began when I found out that I was pregnant. Every time I heard a news report of an accident I would make my husband, John, promise that if he ever had to choose between saving my life or the baby’s life, he would choose the baby. I had fallen so in love with this unborn baby that I, without thinking, would give my life for his! Then my son was born and I knew that if a bullet were shot at us, I would jump in front of it to save his life. My life? Nothing compared to his. If a train was speeding and he was on the tracks, I would jump on them, push him off and save his life. I would not think twice about this. My love knew

Helping Our Children Experience the Love of Easter... a simple idea for parents, grandparents and co

Simple Easter Basket Blessing Eggs Will Help Children Remember the Love of God on Easter. On Easter, God proved God's great love for us! The Son of God was killed and yet, God’s love never left us! The truth is that your child is beloved by God and nothing will ever stop God from loving her/him! This is the promise of Easter! Your child’s Easter Basket is a great way to remind them, year after year, how beloved they are! Here are suggestions for parents, as a congregations and grandparents. Parents: First of all, do not take all of the fun out of the Easter Basket… leave the candy and toys! Instead of taking the candy out, put an Easter Blessing or two into the basket. Egg #1: Tell the chi