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Understanding Holy Week: Through the Eyes of Parents (and grandparents)

I thought I knew what love was and then I gave birth. Actually my love began when I found out that I was pregnant. Every time I heard a news report of an accident I would make my husband, John, promise that if he ever had to choose between saving my life or the baby’s life, he would choose the baby. I had fallen so in love with this unborn baby that I, without thinking, would give my life for his!

Then my son was born and I knew that if a bullet were shot at us, I would jump in front of it to save his life. My life? Nothing compared to his. If a train was speeding and he was on the tracks, I would jump on them, push him off and save his life. I would not think twice about this. My love knew no bounds and I would do anything to help my child live the life God intended for him to live.

When my second son, who suffered from severe migraine headaches, would lie in a dark room crying himself to sleep night after night, I would pray, begging God to let me be the one who had the head aches instead of him. I wanted his pain so he would not have to suffer anymore. Did I worry about suffering? No… I just wanted his pain to end. If you are a parent or grandparent, you know what I am talking about. You feel the same way about your children and grandchildren.

The events of Holy Week are very simple for parents to understand. Jesus loves you, your children and grandchildren even more than you love them. He loves us so much that he was willing to die for us. He took our sin, our pain, and our mistakes to the cross because he could not bare to watch us suffer.

He did for us what we would all do for our children. It is all about love … a love that is deeper than parents have for their own children. A love that is deeper than grandparents have for their grandchildren.

I am sure that, when he hung on the cross and died, Mary, his mother, was praying, “God, please take me instead.” She would have taken his place if she could have. You would give your life for your children, if you needed to. Jesus did it. He willingly and, with no thought of himself, gave his life for us.

During this Holy Week, I pray that you will find a few moments to look into the face of your precious child or grandchild and ponder the love you have for them. Then pause and remember that Jesus loves you more than that! He proved it on the cross.

I wish you and the children in your life a blessed Holy Week!

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