Let’s Give Our Kids the Best 2016 Ever… 3 New Year’s Resolutions All Parents Should Make This Year

I know you want this year to be the best year ever for your child. Here are three New Year’s resolutions to consider. Resolution#1: To be a non-anxious presence for your children Any loving parent, who wants the best for their child, worries and feels anxious about them. Is my child dressed in a way that he/she will fit in? Is my child scoring as high he/she should in tests? How many sports and lessons does my child need to stand out later in life? Am I spending enough time with my child? Are they respectful enough? Can I afford all of this? Am I doing enough? Will my child be a victim of bullying? Will my child fit in? Will my child have friends? Anxiety is a natural part of parenting, espe

Mary, mother of Jesus, meek and mild… No way! Three truths about Mary we should be teaching our chi

At this time of year, images of Mary, the mother of Jesus are everywhere. In art, she is portrayed as a mild young woman accepting the role God has placed on (or inside) her. In our nativity scenes, she is a loving and attentive mother being cared for by her protective husband, Joseph. In theology, she is the center of debate around the issues of virginity. And through art and theology, she has been portrayed as meek, and mild. But this is not the real Mary… the historical Mary. Below are 3 truths about Mary, the mother of Jesus that we should be teaching our children. She is a strong model of great faith for people of all ages. 1) She was spiritually well educated and learned. We know this