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Let’s Give Our Kids the Best 2016 Ever… 3 New Year’s Resolutions All Parents Should Make This Year

I know you want this year to be the best year ever for your child. Here are three New Year’s resolutions to consider.

Resolution#1: To be a non-anxious presence for your children

Any loving parent, who wants the best for their child, worries and feels anxious about them. Is my child dressed in a way that he/she will fit in? Is my child scoring as high he/she should in tests? How many sports and lessons does my child need to stand out later in life? Am I spending enough time with my child? Are they respectful enough? Can I afford all of this? Am I doing enough? Will my child be a victim of bullying? Will my child fit in? Will my child have friends?

Anxiety is a natural part of parenting, especially in these days of increased tests at school and more and more competitive sports and activities. However it is often interpreted by children as disapproval or judgment and anxiety places unneeded emotional pressure on them.

The #1 resolution for this year is to take a deep breath and realize that you are a loving and good parent. Your child is a gift and a blessing and they are growing up just fine! Let go of your anxiety and “be” with your child, enjoy him or her, and trust that it is all okay and will be okay, whether they make the highest scores or are the best at everything. All is well! Let your child’s life unfold, gently and without anxiety, worry or fear.

Resolution #2: To spend five minutes a day in silence

Be still. Set a timer for five minutes each day and ask everyone in the family to be silent. The benefits will be obvious. With the crazy schedules we all keep, we are continually being pulled in every direction. Being still and keeping silence, even for only five minutes, helps ground us, settles our souls and helps us remember who we are. Try it. I guarantee it will have more of a positive impact on your family than you can imagine.

Resolution #3: Tell your child every day that he/she is a blessing

Children want to please the adults in their lives, especially their parents! And because they are children and because we are all human, we make mistakes everyday. But you know, that even when your child sasses you, refused to put their shoes on and is naughty, they are the greatest blessing in your life. Tell them… everyday. Look them in the eyes and say, “You are a blessing!”

Children, who know that they matter to someone else, grow into adults who are secure, non-threatened, and comfortable in their own skin. Tell your child everyday that they are a blessing and they will grow into an adult who blesses others.

In this new year of 2016, above all else, be kind to yourself! You are a loving parent and you are a blessing to your child! Happy New Year!

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