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Blessings: The #1 Thing Children Need to Thrive Spiritually

When God called Abraham, before God taught him any theology, God simply told him that he was blessed and that he was called to be a blessing (Genesis 12:2). Abraham followed God and along the journey, he had many ups and downs, learned many lessons, made mistakes and did some things well.

It is the same with children. They, like Abraham are beginning a long journey with God. They will learn many lessons along the way. They will make mistakes and do some things well. And like Abraham, they are blessed to be blessings.

If God chose to begin Abraham's journey by telling him he was a blessing, I believe we should do the same for children. They should be given a blessing at bedtime, as they leave for school, on their birthdays, at Sunday School, during the children's time... as many times as is possible. They need to be blessed time and time again. Why? Because the world is harsh and gives them the opposit message. The world tells them that, if they are the best, the smartest, follow directions and behave nicely, then they are good, accpetable and will be successful. Blessings tell them that they are loved, cherished, and a child of God who will be loved no matter what happens or how successful they ever become!

How do you bless a child? Look into their eyes and say, "(Name), you are a blessing." It is that simple!

Gladys Childs, Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy,Texas Wesleyan University

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