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Summer Spirituality for Children: Two easy ideas to include God this summer!

Memorial Day weekend is the official “start” of summer for many families. While we think of summer as a relaxing time, for many families with children it will be just as busy as the rest of the year. Shuttling kids to camps, day care, getting ready for a family vacation or visit from relatives, summer ball, swim team, music and dance lessons will take much of our time.

This weekend, while you are out buying your cookout supplies, adding two items to your shopping list will help you make sure that yours child’s spirituality is strengthened this summer.

First Item: A small cloth bag (or box) for your child

This will be your “Creation Bag” for the summer. During each week, invite your child to be on the lookout for something wonderful that God made. It can be a special rock, a shell, a bug… anything that is fascinating. And remember, children are fascinated by everything! Once a week, as a family, share what your child placed in their “Creation Bag.” Then sit in silence for 30 seconds pondering how amazing God is.

Second Item: A disposal camera for your child

Yes, they still make these! Before you go on a family vacation or a special hike, give your child their own camera but tell them that it is their “Celebrate God” camera. They can only take pictures of things, people and moments that remind them of God. Then after vacation, have the photographs developed and let your child make a “Celebrate God” book to look at throughout the rest of the summer and year.

Helping children take time throughout the summer to pause and remember God will strengthen their spirituality. It sounds simple. It is simple. God is all around us. Help your child to become aware of God this summer. And while you enjoy the things they share, I guarantee you will become more aware of God’s presence in your life as well. Happy Summer!

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