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All Kids Face Crisis and Hurts… I can help.


None of us want to think of, let alone plan for a crisis in the life of a child.  We want the lives of children to be carefree, fun and happy.  The reality though is that kids can and do face hurts everyday.  By being prepared and ready to help, we can help children cope, recover, heal and grow after a crisis.  The problem is that very few adults know what to do or how to help children when they face crisis, sadness and loss.


I have studied how kids heal for my entire career and can help you and your organization be prepared to help when kids need you most.


I am available to lead workshops and consultations for groups who want to learn to help children through crisis including:


  •   Helping families and children survive and grow from divorce.


  •   Helping families and children heal after the death of a a pet or loved one.


  •   How to help children who are being bullied and who are the ones who bully.


  •   Custom workshops are also available ... whatever your need is, I am happy to help!




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