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Leanne is available to speak to your group or lead a retreat ...

  •  Helping Children to Heal: A spiritual model
  • What Children Can and Do teach Us about Life After Death​
  • Strengthening the Spiritual Lives of Children and Teens
  • ​Strengthening Our Own Spiritual Lives​
  • Contemplative Spirituality & Ancient Prayer Practices 
  • Surviving Divorce: the child, the parents, the extended family
  • Experiences of Death, Grief and Loss as Times of Spiritual Growth
  • What Mary and the Saints Can Teach Us About Growing Spiritually

  • Helping Ourselves & Others to Heal: A 5 Step Process 

  • Understanding Our Roots : Judaism, Catholicism & Your Own Faith Tradition
Leanne is an expert in the area of the spiritual development and healing. She travels nationally and internationally leading retreats, workshops and training events. Topics include:
Leanne also designs custom workshops and retreats to meet the needs of your group!
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