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A Letter to Coaches of Little Boys

A Letter to Little League Baseball Coaches of Boys

Dear Little League Coach,

I want to tell you something I am not sure you have ever been told before. The little boys on your team do not want to grow up to be baseball stars. They do not want to grow up and be like Mike Trout, Bruce Harper or Don Mattingly. They want to grow up and be like YOU… their coach!

I know what you are thinking. Why would a kid want to grow up and be a guy whose hair is thinning, who has lost his six-pack and now has a belly, and who struggles to make enough money to care for all the needs of his family?

They want to grow up to be YOU because, to them, you are amazing!!!

And you are. You take time to coach them. You talk to them like they are adults. You invite them to work hard and learn new skills they never thought were possible. You tell them they did a great job even when they knew the hit was no good or that they threw the ball to the wrong base. You are amazing!

So when you go to the field tonight, I invite you to ask yourself one question. How would an amazing coach act? How would he treat others? How would he speak to a child who was trying his hardest? How would he motivate a child who didn’t want to be there? How would he speak to his wife? How would he speak to his own son? How would he handle a loss? How would he handle a win?

If you realized how amazing you are in the eyes of the boys you coach, you would let your words, actions and choices be those of an amazing guy. And the best part is, those boys on your team look up to you so much that they are willing to forgive you when you forget to act like the amazing man you are.

You are amazing… and you are blessed to have these little people on your team to remind you of who you are and who God calls you to be.

Have a great game, coach!

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