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Children's Experiences With Loved Ones After They Die: I Believe!

After my mother’s death, I longed to see her one more time. I longed to see her, feel her touch and I wanted a sign that she was okay. She has not appeared to me. Neither has my dad or any of my friends who have died. I have no direct experience with these events where a loved one appears in some way to assure those left behind that they are happy. However I believe in them. Why?

Because these appearances have happened to many of the children I have worked with over the years. An 8 year old told me that, while he was in prayer before dinner, he felt his dad wrap his hands around his own hands. He knew his dad was telling him that he was okay. Another child, a 6 year old, told me that her mother sat on her bed and told her how proud she was of her and that she would always be near. Children often see signs of their loved ones in nature. Birds, butterflies and rainbows often unexpectedly show up at times when the child needs their loved one most! And… I believe the kids. Why?

Because I believe that these children were being honest. And, I also believe in these reported visitations, because, if these things were simply made up, we would all have the experiences and not everyone does have them. We all miss our loved ones who have died. We all desire to hear from them again and be assured that they are okay. If these events were figments of our imaginations, we would all imagine them and feel close to our loved ones all of the time. But we can’t make them happen… they are always a mysterious gift. They happen to some and not to others. And to the kids who have had these experiences, they cannot “make them happen” again, no matter how hard they try.

I believe. I do not know why these visitations happen or why some receive these visits and others do not, but I believe that they happen. Of course, how can we prove anything truly mysterious? I guess we can’t. There are lots of doubters but I am not one of them. Please feel free to write and share your experiences anytime. I believe you and I want to hear your story.

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