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Helping Kids and Their Families Find God … I can help.


I have spent my entire life spending time with kids and figuring out how they grow spiritually and ways we can help them discover God, faith and hope. I have developed a model of spiritual transformation I call the "U Shape of Spiritual Growth" and use it to help you understand and develop programs and cultures which help children and their families grow closer to God.


I am available to coach, consult, teach and lead workshops to help your religious community help your kids and their families.


My Spiritual Support, Mentoring and Coaching program is:

 A Time For Children and Families:

A Three Part ApproachTo Creating Effective and Life Changing Ministry

Part One: In Person Trainings

Part Two: Mentoring With Realtional Accountability 

  • Web-based Small Groups

  • Monthly Phone Converstation Directly with Leanne

  • Unlimited Email Exchanges

Part Three: Feedback and Creative Direction Loop


If you would like to learn more about this program, please contact me. 

Please note: I am a practicing Christian but have the highest regard for all faith traditions and my model can be and is being used in a a wide range of faith systems. 

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