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About Pieta

Pieta: A spiritual movement of love and compassion (towards self, others, and the earth)


Definition of Pieta: (From the Latin root word Pietas): Compassion, pity, tenderness, goodness


Our Calling: To be a safe environment where our community gathers to hold sacred space (loving, accepting, caring, non-judgmental space) for one another. As we heal, grow and reconnect with our spiritual selves, perhaps we will be transformed and inspired to share the compassion and love we share in Pieta with the world around us.

Pieta is a safe space. Are you ...

  • Open to exploring spirituality and in need of discovering & reclaiming God’s love.

  • Looking for a more fulfilling life.

  • Finding the  doctrine and theology of your traditional church no longer working for you and you still seek/need a deeper spiritual life.

  • Looking for friends to authentically connect to and to have meaningful spiritual conversations with.

  • Wanting a place where you can be who you are without the need to apologize or explain.

  • Finding the world a difficult and often unwelcoming space and are seeking hope and peace:

    • Because life is harder than you ever thought it would be.

    • Because you have been rejected or not accepted by "religious" people and/or institutions.

    • Because you have been judged as less than because of:

      •  Skin color.

      • Sexual orientation.

      • Divorce, or living unmarried with your partner.

      • You have been judged for having a baby out of wedlock.

      • Because you are lonely.

      • Because you are facing hard things like addiction, grief, illness,  depression, PTSD, or overcoming past wounds,  and need a safe place to process and heal.

Pieta is a safe, spiritual place.

Pieta has been created for you!

How Do I Connect?

 Listen ... (COMING SOON)

  • The Pieta Podcast: One Passage

    • A weekly podcast where Leanne highlights a Bible passage and invites listeners to respond and interact via social media or email.

Interact ...

  • Facebook 

    • You are invited to share thoughts and insights, ask questions, and  dialogue (not debate) with others as we journey and grow together.

Join ... 

  • A Pieta Circle (Teens and Adults)

    • Online Zoom based groups, facilitated by Leanne, for spiritual conversation, reflection, acceptance, support and growth.

    • Circles are created for all ages

    • To join a circle, please register and Leanne will contact you soon!

For Your Children ...

  • Interactive Bible Story Times

  • Bedtime Stories and Meditation


To Join us, click here!

Interested? Would you like to hear more? Would you like to share your story with someone who cares?

Please contact me: Click Here

Pieta Circles: Online spaces to ... 

  • Come together and hold sacred space with one another as we connect, dialogue, grow, process, celebrate and get through life, its joy and its pain, as an inclusive, loving and caring community.

  • We will meet together via Zoom in small groups where we will hold safe and sacred space for one another.

  • It is my deepest prayer that we will all discover God’s love, peace and joy in our own time and in our own unique ways.

  • It is also my dream that as we journey, we can, once or twice a year, gather in person and share a meal or two together.

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Pieta is a spiritually inclusive and safe space for children, teens, adults and families. All are welcome. YOU are welcome!

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