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About A Time for Children

I began my ministry working with children and have spent the past 35 years figuring out how to best help children discover their best selves. If a child were a pie, I believe that one critical piece of the pie needs to be a strong spiritual foundation. However, the approach that most churches use (teaching kids Bible story facts, indoctrinating them theologically, and doing lots of crafts) rarely leads to true spiritual strengthening. I would love to help you create spiritually transformative spaces for the children in your life!

My beliefs about Children

  • Children are innately spiritual beings (as we all are).

  • Children are capable of having relationships with God (or their higher power).

  • Children were important to Jesus, not as those to be taught, but as spiritual leaders for adults to learn from and grow as children are part of their lives.

  • Children can tap into their spiritual core when facing difficulties (death, divorce, disappointment, bullying).

  • Children should be encouraged to root themselves in a faith tradition which is life-giving for them and their family. While I am a Christian, I deeply respect the faith tradition of each child I serve. I also respect the children and families who would describe themselves as spiritual but not religious.

  • Children are strong and resilient and we have much to learn from them.

  • It is the primary task of adults is to, not only care for and protect children, but give them tools and safe spaces to discover their innate spirituality.


Leanne is available to consult in person and online. 

  • Loss and Grief with Children

  • Pastoral Care with Children

  • Strengthening your Children's Ministry

  • Supervision of a New Christian Educator

  • Needs specific to your organization

Learning Cohort​

  • 9 month groups for Christian Educators

  • Learning, sharing, feedback

Speaking and Retreats

  • In person and online options on a variety of topics.

  • Custom topics can also be developed.

Contact Leanne

God Centered Spiritual Transformation

My model of God-centered Spiritual Transformation empowers children to become masters over their unique spiritual journey. This will lead to a life-long faith that will grow, deepen and mature as they grow and experience the world around them.



A Time for Children

I work one-on-one with children and families as well as consult with churches, hospitals, schools, and businesses to strengthen the spiritual cores of children and prepare them to face life with confidence, coping skills and trust in God’s loving presence.


If you would like to learn more, please contact me by clicking here.

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